Bimini Diving


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From the Lucayan Indian word meaning “two islands”, and known around the world simply as “Bimini”, North and South Bimini, along with their smaller neighboring cays, make up this group of Bahamian islands situated on the edge of the Great Bahama Bank, overlooking the cobalt blue waters of the storied Gulfstream and Florida Straits. The gin-clear waters surrounding Bimini have given rise to popular year-round recreational diving. Uniquely situated on the edge of the Continental Shelf, Bimini offers some of the most interesting dive sites in the Bahamas, and is consistently ranked one of the world’s top dive destinations. From a leisurely dolphin encounter to an adrenaline filled shark encounter, from a wall dive to a snorkel along the mysterious “Altantis Road” – an ancient, underwater arrangement of stones that has baffled natives, mystics and scientists for generations – Bimini offers something for the diver of every skill level.

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